Story Behind the Campaign: An Andorran Adventure

When we do a photoshoot we like to make it more of an adventure with friends than a formal ‘job’. We are cyclists foremost and the joy of riding with others in new locations is what inspires us. For autumn/winter 2020/21 the landscape of the world had changed, but our ethos was no different.

To introduce the four new colours of our Hard Day long sleeve jersey we wanted to go off the beaten track. Of course, the events of this year meant that travelling too far away was not an option, so, after some deliberation, we packed our bags for an Andorran adventure.




Being in Girona means that the high mountains are only a few hours’ drive away so with a few local riders we put our gravel bikes into a 4x4 and headed north. Andorra is a brutal landscape to ride on, your options are up or down with not much flat in between. Our plan, however, was to go beyond the tarmac.



The backdrop of the shoot is panoramic views of the mountains which create a strata of jagged layers reaching as far into the distance as the eye can see before blending into the grey-blue sky. The crunch of the gravel under tyres coupled with rhythmic breathing from fellow riders was the only sound travelling through the altitude-thinned air.


While Andorra is synonymous with mountains and open landscapes, its capital, Andorra la Vella, which literally means ‘Andorra the Town’ is busy and urban. For a contrast of setting we also wanted to explore the more metropolitan area. However, the gravel bikes were not quite as at home pounding the pavements of the town and neither were some of our models, so we returned to the fresh air and the trails once more. The new autumn/winter collection is now available. The collection comprises Ocean (blue) and Path (grey) for man, and Ice (blue) and Clay (red) for woman.