Men’s Signature Bibtights BLACK

Men’s Signature Bibtights BLACK Men’s Signature Bibtights BLACK Men’s Signature Bibtights BLACK Men’s Signature Bibtights BLACK
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Signature Bib Tights are designed for optimum performance.
Our tighter fitting, reinforced fabrics make Signature kit ideal for those heated, fast-paced moments on the bike. Whether you’re sprinting for the next town sign or pushing your limits, dig deeper with our streamlined Signature collection.

Race-ready cut

Our new micro-perforated, seamless waistline achieves maximum comfort. Straight-cut, practical details offer support alongside neat, minimalist aesthetics.

Reinforced fabrics

Lightweight Signature fabrics strike the perfect balance between elasticity and compression. With Durable Water Resistant treatment, our thermal polyamide offers a warm, breathable feel through all weather conditions.

Adapted fit

Our new performance line fits tightly to promote natural aerodynamics. Each piece adapts seamlessly to your riding position, supporting performance without restricting movement.

Endurance technology

Our Elastic Interface chamois guarantees comfort for between six and eight hours on the bike. With six different densities of foam and a multidirectional curvature, our premium chamois supports effortless stability in the saddle.   


71% micro polyamide

29% elastane

Do not leave in a bag without ventilation (plastic bag, sports bag, etc.) after use.

Turn clothing inside-out before placing in the washing machine.

Zip up all of the zippers to avoid damaging them.

Do not wash with items of clothing that have velcro, as they are liable to permanently damage the fabrics. e.g cycling gloves.

Wash with cold water.

Use natural soap.

It is very important that you do not use fabric softeners.

Do not machine dry.
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