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Pants with a design specifically for women, extremely light thanks to the multi-filament DRYTECH material. This allows you to avoid carrying around excess weight, improving the elimination of moisture and fast-drying capability to keep you from cooling down too much. It incorporates the specific “TRI MINI” pad from elastic interface.
PATTERN - This has been designed to provide maximum freedom of movement.

FABRICS - Aquazero, water-repellent. It is important to emphasize the anti-transparent characteristics of the fabric.

PAD - "MINI-TRI" or like optinal "TRI LD" from Elastic Interface.

PANT LEG FITTINGS - With short border trim and the unique Sigmagrip system (inner anti-slipping silicone).

FINISHES - Flat seams to avoid chafing and with reflective strips on the back part.

CUSTOMIZABLE PARTS - 100% customizable.
Don’t leave the dirty clothes in a bag without ventilation (plastic bag, sports bag, etc.).

Turn the clothing inside-out before placing in the washing machine.

Zip up all of the zippers to avoid damaging them

Don´t wash with articles of clothing that have velcro, as they are liable to permanently damage the fabrics. A clear example would be cycling gloves.

Wash with cold water

Use natural soap

It is very important that you do not use fabric softeners

Do not machine dry
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