There are situations in which we would like to be calm. Drink our espresso in two stages, relaxing in a wing chair. Whet our whistle with some sparkling water. Pass the cup under our nose to take in the aroma. Take the first sip and close our eyes. Travel across the subtle notes of its flavor and silently declare: We are happy!
We’ve been trying to do this since 1998, but we can’t sit still long enough. We have an energetic spirit that pushes us to be in perpetual motion.
In 2015 our minds began to imagine, and the dream began to take shape as a project. On August 1, 2017 we raised the roof and left the warehouse exposed to the open sky. Now, in 2018, we are covered again. Ceramic tiles, carpeting, glass and steel. Washing machine, dryer, dressing rooms, showers and a utility room for plastic and steel. The end of the project is on the horizon. But the cherry on top is yet to come. Even the most restless spirit can keep one last secret.