From making cycling clothing in the heart of Girona to making masks for a global pandemic.

Firstly, we’d like to extend our thanks to those who have reached out to us, supported us and taken part in any of our #stayathome actions. Our aim has been to promote the #stayathome message whilst also helping to alleviate any boredom and create a sense of community but with the ultimate aim of reducing the spread of COVID-19.



For most of us staying at home is the best we can do to help during this time to avoid spreading COVID-19 as much as possible. The health workers, emergency services and other essential members of the workforce who are facing the front line of this pandemic are telling us to do just that. For some, however, doing their part during this crisis isn’t a case of treating patients, policing the lockdown restrictions, serving the community or caring for people, it’s producing essential items. Sports clothing is not essential to fighting a global pandemic. Surgical masks, however, are.



Our office staff are working from home, but our production staff are hard at work making an impact on this pandemic.

Thus, our factory’s production has not stopped, merely pivoted, from making sports clothing to helping to stem the shortage of masks, to give to doctors and nurses, carers, and key workers. It’s a small contribution to make but one that we hope has enough of an impact to help those who are saving lives and providing essential services throughout this uncertain time.