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Bicicletas Sin Fronteras

We partnered with Bicicletas Sin Fronteras (Bicycles Without Borders) and designed a special edition jersey. A jersey in aid of their Bicycles for Education project, aimed at providing bicycles as a way of transport to school-going children in Senegal. Their distinctive yellow bikes are already seen racked up outside schools in rural Senegal where they have a positive impact on the education and life quality of young Senegalese school children.


The Yakaar Welo Jersey, which translates to Bicycle of Hope, is a unique limited-edition jersey created for Bicicletas Sin Fronteras. The design features tones from the West-African Landscape contrasted with the bright, vibrant colours that are worn there. The limited-edition sale took place through October and November and was greeted with wide acclaim.


The Baobikes benefit the students as well as the local community by providing jobs and increasing accessibility. In addition to receiving bikes, the participating schools also get a workshop with a mechanic.

" It's amazing, a mood-booster. It is the recognition of a committed company like Tactic that supports us financially and gives us a lot of visibility. "

Romà Boule about the Yakaar Welo jersey

We spoke to Romà Boule, director of Bicicletas Sin Fronteras, who was pleased about the new bikes but also excited about the ‘increased visibility of the Charity, which means so much to us’. All the sold jerseys got sent out with a signed note by Romá.

With all profits going directly to Bicycles for Education schools in Senegal, your support has enabled the delivery of 12 of the yellow Baobikes to young students in the Palamrin High School. Bikes are awarded to students that live furthest away from school. The bicycles will make sure students arrive well-rested and on time and improve their educational performances. The real beauty of the work being done in Senegal by Bicicletas Sin Fronteras goes further than the donation of bicycles. Young people and whole communities are given opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Now that jerseys are on their way, we’d love to see where they take you. Thank you for showing your support for the work of Bicicletas Sin Fronteras, in the end, none of this would have been possible without your help.