Cape Epic with Andrew and Christian

Two riders with a background in road cycling and a shared love for adventure. Christian Meier and Andrew Meo are not afraid of an adventure, but riding the Cape Epic is a different story. The 8-day MTB stage race is the highlight of every marathon rider and over the years big names have decorated the list of past winners. The stages over the South African dirt combine a mix of flowy singletrack and hard climbs, combined with a lot of climbing and long distances.


Both riders have a small bit of experience on the MTB. Christian and Andrew discovered their love for the bike on the dirt. Andrew stayed in connection with cycling, combining his passion with his love for coffee leading the Rocket Coffee machines. Christian opted for a career on the road, a more viable and higher regarded option at the time.

He met with Andrew when he started getting into coffee, the both of them enjoyed riding their bikes and a good brew. Over the years they grew closer together and enjoyed great adventures together, both on the bike and experimenting with coffee. When the opportunity presented itself to ride the 2022 Cape Epic, Andrew proposed to grab it although there were only a few months of preparation left. The pair decided to tackle the challenge and tick it off their bucket list.


The gear has changed a lot over the year, the Canyon Lux they will be riding offers a lot more room for error and comfort. But an event like this will never be easy, long days in the saddle combined with the hot and dusty conditions will wear on anyone. However Christian is relatively confident and calm, stating that it is just going to be long days out biking, something both he and Andrew enjoy.

" These days with bikes like the Canyon Lux we are riding we have a bit more margin of error than the old days but at the end of the day it’s just some long days out biking, something we both enjoy. "

Christian Meier about the challenge he is facing

It helps that the pair won’t be riding for the win, opposed to our Buff-Megamo teams. Andrew and Christian go into the event to experience the beauty of the event and the scenery. Christian told us that it is one of the things he enjoys about riding his mountain bike as well, being able to push the limits of where you can bring your bike and discover new places. And when your goal is discovering, having someone to share that experience with is something he really enjoys.

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