Cycling apparel made in Girona collection

Girona is the city where it all started and where we have been producing sports clothing since 1998, we, therefore, wanted to honour that link with a special collection. The Cycling Apparel Made in Girona collection will initially consist of two classic colours, Burgundy and Khaki, but will grow in the future.

We opted for a plain design with contrasting details on a jersey that you can wear all day long. The colour of the zip and details stand out on the jersey and give the jersey a modern look. Meanwhile, the simple design keeps it stylish and easy to combine.




The burgundy jersey draws it inspiration from the door of the Catedral de Santa Maria de Girona with its metalwork that has aged over the years and developed a distinct dark rusty colour. It creates a luxurious feel that captures the rich history of the city of Girona.



Just above the city of Girona, lays the famous local climb Els Angels. It has a gentle slope and isn’t too long, making it a perfect climb for a summer afternoon. On any given day you’ll encounter a ton of cyclists ascending the climb on their way out of the city. There is a lot of vegetation on the climb that gives it a distinct colour and it is this colour we tried to entrap in the Khaki version of the jersey.


The jersey is based on our popular Summer jersey that has been proven over the years. We have slightly altered the neckline for improved breathability and improved the gripper around the waistline. A jersey that is going to be used during the hot summers in Girona needs to be lightweight and keep your body temperature regulated. It’s why we opted for new breathable material on both the side panels and sleeves.