We all know that each month a full moon occurs, the lunar phase where the view of the moon from earth is fully illuminated. People and cultures have been fascinated by the moon and it’s supposed properties for millenia, and we are no exception. So, with this celestial phenomenon as a guide we are embarking on a monthly ‘Full Moon Ride’; Starting at dusk and finishing under the light of the full moon.



The first Full Moon Ride of the year got underway last week, 28th January, under the first full moon of 2021 - the so-called ‘Wolf Moon’. Starting just as the sun started to set, armed with lights and hi-vis clothing, friends of Tactic from all over the world set out to ride under the Wolf Moon.

There is something exhilarating about riding in the darkness. Even with the bright reflection of a full moon to guide you, it’s still very different to riding during the day when you can see the road stretched in front of you and clear views all around. But there’s a big difference between riding in pitch black darkness and having the moon to guide you.



Of course, if the weather is not clear then it’s a different experience entirely. But the moon is still there, and it’s pull is just the same, even when behind a barrier of clouds. The call of the moon is strong, so will you join us?


2021 Full Moons

27 February - Snow Moon
28 March - Worm Moon
27 April - Pink Moon (supermoon)
26 May - Flower Moon (supermoon)
24 June - Strawberry Moon
24 July - Buck Moon
22 August - Sturgeon Moon
21 September - Full Corn/Harvest Moon
20 October - Hunter's Moon
19 November - Beaver Moon
19 December - Cold Moon