Help us this Earth Day

Earth Day 2022 with TACTIC

This Friday we at TACTIC will start our effort in minimizing the impact we have on our planet. The whole company will go out on Friday to collect rubbish in nature and during the rest of the week, we will encourage everyone to collect as much rubbish as possible by Friday the 29th of April.

We would like you to help us and our planet just by going out and collecting rubbish. If you get a full bag, let us know by posting a story or post on Instagram and tagging us @tacticsport and using the hashtag #earthdayeveryday.

Sergi went out on Thursday to fill his first bag, he came to the conclusion we will have a lot of work over the next week and beyond. We look forward to seeing more pictures of you and full bags! By Friday, the 29th of April we hope to have collected a large number of bags but that does not mean earth day will be over by then. It is our job to make sure this planet stays liveable for us and future generations.

Earth Day 2022 with TACTIC