The alarm rings early, very early. I open the window and it’s all dark, all silence. I turn the light on, my eyes hurt. I only slept about 5 hours but with a 4.30am start, that's actually pretty good so I woke up feeling strong, confident and motivated for the challenge.

It’s time for breakfast and I eat my favourite food for a big ride, some oats and fruit mixed with honey and berries and soaked in the fridge overnight. It's part of my pre-race routine to prepare it the day before. Tristan, who will be everesting with me, wanted some more time in the bed and he appears downstairs 15 minuts later. We are both in silence, focused in the food and with our minds in Mont Ventoux.


At 5.00 am the challenge starts.I love it, especially with friends! I have no problem riding in the dark. It makes me feel alive! The crouds of people who will climb Mont Ventoux are still in bed and all the mountain feels like it’s ours.



First sommet. This is one of my favourite mountains in the world. It was the first mountain I ever saw in real life when I visited the Tour de France in 2009. I couldn’t believe to see all my idols climbing so fast. This day changed my live and the point of view I have from cycling. It's a place unlike any other: inspiring, brutal, hot, windy, beautiful.



Descending is so much fun because climbing is so hard on Ventoux! The heat and the wind make it so difficult. When you arrive at Chalet Reynard and still have 6k to go, it's a little crushing, because even though you can see the top, you know it will take at least half an hour!


Back at the house after #5: I am really struggling now. #4 was okay because I had a good lunch and a small break, but #5 really tested me and I needed 2 gels just to get me to the top! I think it was my slowest ascent, but I knew I'd complete the Everesting Challenge after I did #5. Having my girlfriend there to motivate me was also a huge help to me.


Well, all I can say is I won't do an Everesting challenge any time soon!!. It took all day, all my motivation and all my energy to complete it. But the feeling at achieving something like that is really wonderful and it was a feeling I haven't had for a long time. I started cycling 10 years ago in July of 2009 when I came to watch the Tour, so to be back to the mountain after all that time, was brilliant.


I had some real lows and real highs during the day, and the pizza in Bedoin after, was definitely one of the highs!!