New Pure colours - TACTIC SPORT

New Pure colours

Getting bib shorts right is no walk in the park, they’re the most important ally a rider has for long days in the saddle, get them wrong and they can cause serious discomfort. So when you find something that works for you, you don’t want to change it.

Like saddles, bibs are personal. The most intimate point of contact between bike and rider. Once you’ve found some that work for you, there’s no reason to change, is there? Unless, of course, you want to inject some colour into your kit. Maybe black got boring, or you’re no longer bothered about blue - the way to switch it up without messing with your comfort is with new colours.

Enter, the Tactic PURE bib shorts.

If you asked us which item in our collection we’re most proud of, we’d say the PURE line. With the guiding principle of ‘simple, yet effective’ the PURE bibs are designed to function to the highest standard whilst also emitting a clean, stylish aesthetic. Designed to be paired with any of our jerseys but particularly the Signature jersey, the design for which follows those same principles.

For Spring/Summer 2020 two new Pure colours, burgundy and grey, are joining the Pure family.


WHY PURE? Look up the word ‘Pure’ and you will find myriad definitions, among them: “not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material” and “without any extraneous and unnecessary elements.” It is with these two concepts in mind that we created the PURE bib shorts.





A minimal aesthetic with maximal function is the aim. With a clean, streamlined silhouette, block colour and without any fussy details. Uniform fabric means fewer seams and therefore greater comfort, hidden flat silicone SigmaGrip bands on the insides of the legs means the shorts stay comfortable and in place but the band is not visible.

P: Q: How many prototypes does it take to create a pair of bib shorts?
A: 32

Our product development team can’t settle. They are perfectionists, they wouldn’t be doing their jobs properly if they weren’t. Before the finished PURE product was released into the wild they took it through a plethora of tests and tweaks, making sure it’s the best pair of bibs ever to leave the Tactic factory. Marc Ballarin is the head of Product Development and is responsible for bringing the PURE bibs into existence, he says of the process:

“We wanted the PURE bibs to be different from anything we had made before at Tactic, and different from anything else that was already on the market and had been tested before.... When I presented the idea of a high-performance, elegant, comfortable and minimalist bib everyone told me it was impossible, but I knew what I wanted to do...the process was long and involved a lot of trial and error, including 32 prototypes, but slowly, we started to see progress. The bibs started to take shape but I wanted to push the limits even further, with the help of the Tactic team we refined the product until it became something everyone couldn’t wait to wear, so we let them. Prototypes of the bibs were tested by members of the Tactic team, valued customers, and even the CEO. The verdict was unanimous: they’re PURE bibs, the new standard of bib shorts.”


Marc and the Tactic team’s rigorous pursuit of perfection has paid off. Of course, the process isn’t over, this is a product we’ll be constantly tweaking every year after listening to feedback and the introduction of new technologies. But for now, the PURE bibs are the most comfortable, durable and stylish shorts we’ve made to date. Don’t just take our word for it, though, put them to the test!