If you asked us which item in our collection we’re most proud of, we’d say the PURE shorts. With the guiding principle of ‘simple, yet effective’ the PURE bibs are designed to function to the highest standard whilst also emitting a clean, stylish aesthetic. Designed to be paired with any of our jerseys but particularly the Signature jersey, the design for which follows those same principles.

Getting bib shorts right is no walk in the park, they’re the most important ally a rider has for long days in the saddle, get them wrong and they can cause serious discomfort. So when you find something that works for you, you don’t want to change it design-wise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the colours.



The overall concept of our PURE bibs remains the same even if we might sometimes update certain features. Black and navy blue are the ‘core’ colours, but each year for spring/summer we introduce new limited-edition ones to update our collection. For spring/summer 2021 we’ve gone for a muted but stylish palette with Choco and Khaki.

Inspired by nature and earth the two new colours are understated and elegant yet set apart just enough from black or blue as to be novel. To show off the new colours we went to Barcelona to find some visually stunning and colourful settings.


We felt Choco looked more at home surrounded by the vision in terracotta that is the famous Walden 7 building. Whereas Khaki is as khaki does: blending in to the natural, green surroundings.