New Signature Bib Shorts

When the Pure Bib Shorts were developed, they were our best ever performing shorts. The Signature Bib Shorts share many of the same design features that make its predecessor an excellent product but have undergone some critical changes making this bib short even more comfortable and well-performing.

The Signature collection began with the Short Sleeve Jersey. Now, the collection has grown to include the Signature Bib Shorts. Embodying the superior performance, style and attention to detail to be expected of the Signature label, the Signature shorts set a new standard in comfort and performance.

The lightweight material for the Signature Bib Shorts was originally developed for the Pure Bib Shorts from a compression material to reduce the effects of fatigue and increase aerodynamics.

A decisive factor in the performance of Bib Shorts is the effectiveness of the straps. We have taken the straps from the Pure Bib Shorts and made some small iterations before incorporating them into the Signature range. The enhanced elastic used keeps the shorts in the optimal position and the straps remain flat against the shoulders so as not to ‘dig in’ to the wearer.

Another design feature that remains is the King (for men) and Queen (for women) chamois made by Elastic Interface, the world leader in performance chamois. The pad provides comfort for more than seven hours, giving you the flexibility to stay out as long as possible. This is achieved through the use of four different densities, an extremely breathable fabric that transports sweat away and flexible ‘wings’ to reduce chafing on the legs.

Carla is wearing the Signature Bib Short Navy Woman.
Arnau is wearing the Signature Bib Short Cream Man with the Signature Jersey Noord.

Features that were proven to be excellent remained but some improvements to the Pure Bib have also been implemented. To make the best possible shorts that we can, breathability has been improved by adding perforations to the waist panel through a laser-cutting process. The size of the seams on the inside leg has been significantly reduced to improve comfort.

The cut of the new Signature Shorts has been slightly modified, they retain a ‘pro-fit’ for the demands of racing and intensive riding. They finished with updated graphics and reflective details in five colours that complete our best ever performing shorts.