For us, the Signature line is synonymous with elegance. The fit of the jersey is figure-hugging, creating a sleek silhouette that doesn’t compromise on either aerodynamics or style. The Signature jersey is our top-of-the-line product, designed for those days where you want to go fast, or maybe just look fast...




Our previous Signature campaign took place in Barcelona, where the smooth city facades literally and figuratively reflect the profile of the jersey. To introduce our two new Signature styles, we wanted to head back to the city once more, but this time in a different location. The date was set, the flights were booked, and the shoot was planned. Of course, what came next will come as no surprise now: Covid-19. Just one day before we were due to board the plane to our destination, Spain went into full lockdown and suddenly everything was on hold.

Once it became clear that we wouldn't be able to execute the photoshoot we had wanted for our new Signature line, we started to think of alternatives. We knew we would be limited to Girona, but ‘limited’ is a loose term when it comes to this area, often referred to as cycling paradise. That being said, we didn’t want the dramatic mountain backdrops or rugged coastlines that would usually provide a perfect location for a cycling photoshoot, we needed something a bit more polished.



  After much deliberation we had a eureka moment: golf. The manicured lawns, smooth, rolling shapes and sleek clubhouse mirrored the silhouette of the Signature jersey and made it the perfect next-best-thing location after the city.

So, we took our bikes (leaving our golf clubs at home), and headed to the course in Girona.

Our two new Signature colours are Alfama and Silver Lake - in line with the rest of the collection, they have been named after neighbourhoods of iconic cities. Some of which we hope to be able to visit again in the not too distant future.


  We asked our head of product development what it took to make the Signature jersey so special: “To accomplish the task of the Signature project I divided it into 3 different areas: The fit: Tight and racing, but stretchy enough to fit both men and women. Then, the fabrics, as with the fit, I needed to find the right fabric for each area of the jersey, not content with only high performance, comfort and breathability... I wanted it to be durable too. Finally, the finishes: A jersey like this can't be like all the other jerseys on the market, and to make that difference took every last effort from the design team.”.

Made up of four different fabrics, the most notable being “HEXADRY”, which is used throughout the front panel. This fabric will keep you dry during your ride owing to its structure of hollow fibers that draw small hexagonal shapes.