Sea otter europe 2021

We missed it, the atmosphere, the races and, most importantly, sharing coffees and beers with you guys. That’s the feeling we’re left with after this weekend’s Sea Otter Europe in Girona.

One of the world’s biggest cycling festivals once again held its European counterpart in Girona and we were happy to be there. With around 45.000 people attending during the three-day event, expectations were more than exceeded. Seeing the Girona area become even more immersed in cycling was an amazing experience and we’re proud that our region hosted this event once again.



Located at the centre of the event area, we collaborated with local brands to create a stand where you wanted to hang out. We had The Broomwagon, together with Girona roasted coffee from Mahogany (Cafès Cornellà) to get you your caffeine needs. To make sure you also had something to drink during the afternoons and evenings we had local beer brand Moska de Girona on tap. We loved seeing you guys come by our stand and have a chat with everybody.




We were well represented in the cycling events as well. Buff-Scott was well represented in the MTB Marathon race, part of the UCI Marathon Series. | On Sunday we were also active as well. A lovely ride on the famous Girona gravel roads saw a big group of TACTIC friends participating. The same goes for the Ciclobrava road ride.




Now we weren’t just there to ride bikes and drink coffee and beer. We also had to show you some exciting things that are coming up! Maybe you were lucky enough to see it already, but if you haven’t, make sure to sign up for our newsletter (see below) to be the first to know when our new collection drops!



See you next year and make sure to drop by in our factory or contact us on social media chat!