Camilo adored his grandfather Don Joaquin, a man with weathered skin and cracked hands. A simple man with exquisite knowledge. A man of few words but profound teachings.
Camilo still remembers the summer of ’84. One afternoon in July, while tending to the livestock under the scorching sun, Don Joaquin yelled:
-  Let’s go to the shade, son.
Grandfather and grandson sat down under a tree, leaning against the trunk, and that is when Don Joaquin shared with his grandson the words he lived by.
- Garrit- Son, be sure to always preserve your knowledge. Take care of it and don’t let your mind grow idle.
Today, Don Joaquin’s fig tree is the most photographed one on Isla Canela. And probably the most beautiful in the world.




It happened three years ago while on holiday in the south. Julian and his father-in-law Joan discovered a new passion. In the morning, just at the crack of dawn, they would meet in the lobby. Then they would go riding for a couple of hours. Afterwards, they would return to the hotel, leave their bikes and gear in the storage area and dart off to their respective rooms. The rest of the family waited for them while calmly enjoying a feast of a breakfast. Fruit salad, assorted pastries, toast, cereal, juice, water, little sandwiches…
The father-in-law and his son-in-law had agreed to only have coffee and half a piece of toast. They had their reasons.
Margarita, Joan’s wife, asked them:
- How is it possible that after going out on your bikes, you’re not starving now? Coffee and a little bit of bread. In a couple of hours you two’ll be begging us to stop. You’d better eat something else.
And she was right of course; they were hungry, but they were not about to stuff themselves. With the van loaded up with all the beach supplies, they set out on Isla Canela. A day full of sand, sun, swimming and an enchanting evening.;
But just as with their early morning rendezvous, Julian and Joan had a plan. Once the family had settled in at the beach, they excused themselves for a moment.
- We’re going for a walk. We’ll be back before you have a chance to miss us.
They jumped in the car and headed for the tavern Cachito. The waiter already knew them.
And before they could even say good morning, a tray full of Scarlet schrimp was placed on their table. What a treat! Now that was the good life!




Ululani met Casildo Vargas at Wai’anapanapa Beach. The weather wasn’t particularly nice that day. In fact, that whole November was quite unusual. The scattered showers had abandoned their usual pitter-patter in exchange for torrential downpours.
Ululani and Casildo sought shelter from the rain under an overhanging rock. Soon the cave was filled with laughter. Casildo thought the name Ululani was hilarious, and Ululani couldn’t help but laugh at the way Casildo spoke.
When the rain let up, Ululani invited Casildo back to his place. They sat on the wooden porch. Ululani grabbed a couple of beers. Casildo asked if he had any lemonade, ice and wine. Maybe it was chance, maybe it was destiny, but in that fridge was everything that Casildo asked for. He went to the kitchen, prepared the drinks and returned to the porch.
- Cheers, Ululani, and the next time we toast, it’ll be in Isla Canela
- Cheers, Casildo
Ululani took a sip, and his almond-shaped eyes widened.
- Wow! What is this?
- My friend, that is a VARGAS. Enjoy!




All the best things go down at the beach bar on Isla Canela. A Vargas for an aperitif, some delicious Scarlet shrimp to snack on, a plate of sweet figs for a mid-afternoon treat and a breathtaking sunset to top it all off.