What is colour? Literally speaking, colour is light. But it’s more than that. Colour is one of the key ways in which we interpret the world, it can evoke so many different emotions, trigger memories, and affect our outlook. Colour can affect our state of mind.

Colour is a tool that is used in many ways on a daily basis. It’s used in industry, in art, design, and manufacturing. The colour choices that design teams make for a product are crucial to its success.

At an individual level, we gravitate towards different colours based on how we feel, whether consciously or not. Often, we have a favourite colour, one which we always choose. The colour of the clothes we wear can bear significance, to our mood, to the occasion, or to show support for a team, or cause.

How artists use colour is crucial to the final outcome of their work, colour is a vital component and will determine the effect a painting has on the audience, it can convey so many different things.



The colours of cycling are the colours of nature. The bright greens, yellows and reds of fields, trees, flowers we pass by on our rides, and of course, the constant grey of the tarmac, or brown of the trail. At no time do we notice colour more than in Spring and Summer, when our rides become a bright, full canvas of colour on which we practice our craft.

Our COLOURS collection is a culmination of all of these things. The feelings that colour evokes, the message that colour sends, and the intersection between cycling and art. Our summer jerseys were blank canvases and it was up to us to choose the colours which bring to life the sketch of the summer collection we had in our minds: Coral , Granite, Oat, and Oxide.