#TACTICCUSTOM Bicistar Shop Ride in Tenerife

When travelling it is easy to get impressed by the new places but the real difference is made by the people you meet. It was when I went away for the first time in a long time with Tactic to Tenerife for a photoshoot to Tenerife I got showed once again; people make places.

It was our first time on Tenerife and although we had heard great things about the island, we was positively surprised by its beauty and incredible riding possibilities.



However, we don’t doubt that our experience wouldn’t have been the same without the crew from Bicistar. They showed us the best views, had us try the best food and introduced us to the kindness of the local people. That is why when they invited us on a real ride after two days of posing for photographers camera, we all looked more than forward to it.

We met in the morning at the shop and probably spent more time talking about coffee than actually drinking any. When we left the shop it didn’t seem like anybody knew exactly where the ride was going to go, neither did one of us really care. We had a general idea about the length of it and had full confidence in the locals.




It turned out to be one of those rides that was exactly right. the pace was high, yet enjoyable for everyone. There was plenty of climbing and all of it was rewarded with stunning views and smooth descents. Most importantly, we were in the company of people who truly cared about showing us how great this island is and we felt the did a stunning job.