The Heart of our Business - TACTIC SPORT

The Heart of our Business

Located in Bescanó, Girona you will find our offices and production facilities. Our headquarter is within riding distance from the old town of the cycling capital of the World. It is also the location where our products are born, produced and packaged. Our door is always open to visitors, for a coffee, a tour around the factory or to see our latest arrivals.

The Communal Space

The social hub of the factory, there are always people around here for an impromptu meeting, a good feed, the debrief of the latest lunch ride or a coffee from The Broom Wagon. You’ll find a nice selection of outdoor and cycling-related literature to read.

The Big Picture

If you’re sipping on an espresso and looking around, the next thing you might notice is The Big Picture. At first glance, this may look like a photo or a canvas. However, it is in fact an image printed onto the same material used for our custom jerseys. We are able to change the image regularly thanks to our printers that can achieve almost the same level of detail as a photo printed onto paper.

The Broomwagon

Hand-built in Milan, the Rocket Espresso Boxer machine has been custom fitted to this celeste blue Ape Piaggio van. Owned by the Dutch cyclist Robert Gesink, we have been making sure it doesn’t get rusty when the van isn’t out on the road. It is dialled in so that delicious espresso is just a button away for those who come to the factory.

The Printing Room

The infinite possibilities of custom kit design are achieved through a process called sublimation. The process begins with the printing of the design onto a piece of paper for each panel of each garment. The room is temperature-controlled and the printers are closely monitored to make sure the design comes out consistent and with the highest quality.

The Transfer Area

The next step in the manufacturing process is the transfer of the printed paper panels onto large pieces of lycra. The individual pieces are placed onto the transfer paper and go into the machine where the 200° C heat makes that the ink gets transferred onto the fabric. The fabric comes out with the design applied on the other side. All pieces get put together before being stitched together in our workshops.

The Cutting Machine

Our fabric is laid out on the table, stacked a few layers high. Then our precision cutting machine goes over the fabric and cuts the individual pieces. To minimise waste, we optimise our cutting configuration to get the most out of each roll of fabric.

Quality Control and Packing

To make sure every product lives up to our high standards they get checked by hand. Every detail gets looked over before the item is packed and prepared for shipping.

The Offices

During your visit, you will also be able to meet the people that work behind the scenes. All our departments work next to each other in our offices, separated by glass.

Research and Development

In the offices upstairs you might find the team working on a design for the latest product or examining prototypes. Did you know that the Pure Bib Shorts (the predecessor of the Signature bib short) went through 32 prototypes before going into production?

Plan a visit

We would love to show you our factory in person and offer you a coffee or drink before or after your ride. In our factory, we have the products from our Custom and Collection catalogue on display and available for sale. There is no need to make an appointment, but please refer to our opening hours on Google Maps, or we might be out for a ride.