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In compliance with the law ‘Ley 34/2002, del 11 de julio, de Servicios de la sociedad de la información y del comercio eletrónico (LSSICE), TEIMA 1992 Sport, S.L., states that it owns the website www.tactic-sport.com

In accordance with the requirement of article 10 of the aforementioned law, TEIMA 1992 Sport, S.L., declares the following:

  • The website: www.tactic-sport.com
  • The owner of this website: TEIMA 1992 Sport, S.L.
  • CIF: B-17.532.045
  • Address of the owner: c/Isaac Rabin, c/Isaac Rabin, nº 5, Bescanó (17162- Girona).
  • Registered in the Mercantil de Girona, Volume 1133, page 158,  GI-20350
  • Email address to contact the company: tactic@tactic-sport.com

The rights to the intellectual and industrial property (included but not limited to: trademarks, logos, texts, photographs, icons, images, as well as the graphic design, source code and other software elements contained on the website www.tactic-sport.com) are property of TEIMA 1992 SPORT S.L. or of the representative companies and manufacturers of the products and services offered. Therefore, they are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights protected by Spanish and international legislation.

Without prior written, irrefutable authorisation from TEIMA 1992 SPORT S.L. or, where appropriate, from a representative or manufacturer of the products with access to the rights, it is not permitted to use, reproduce, transmit, manipulate, including any use that exceeds that which is necessary for visiting the website and using the services offered.

Access to the services provided does not imply on the part of TEIMA 1992 SPORT, SL. resignation, transmission or total or partial transfer of the rights derived from the intellectual and industrial property, nor does it ascribe rights of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication on these contents without the prior and express authorisation in writing from the respective holders of said rights, notwithstanding the right to viewing and obtaining a private copy of such content, provided that said right is exercised in accordance with the principles of good faith and provided that the intellectual and industrial property of the owner of such rights remains unchanged, is used without commercial purpose and exclusively for the personal use.

The responsibility for the use of materials protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights outlined on this page lies exclusively with the user.


TEIMA 1992 SPORT, SL. is dedicated to the sale of cycling, triathlon and running clothing both customised and as collections.



TEIMA SPORT, SL. reserves the right to make changes and updates to the products, prices, promotions and other conditions contained on www.tactic-sport.com within its means, it intends that the information offered on the website is truthful and appears without typographical errors. In the case of any such typographical errors, against the will of TEIMA 1992 SPORT, SL., they will be immediately corrected. In the instance that a customer decides to make a purchase based on an error of this type, www.tactic-sport.com will immediately inform them of this error, and both parties can rescind the purchase without any cost as long as the existence of said error is proven.

TEIMA 1992 SPORT, S.L. pays great attention to the information regarding the technical characteristics and performance of its products, through technical descriptions, and quality photographs that illustrate the products. The manufacturers reserve the right to make modifications to the goods. The images are under no circumstances binding.

In no case we will be responsible for errors or omissions of information, contained on our website.  If for the customer it is essential to know some of the technical characteristics of the product you want to buy, please contact our customer service, to verify this information.


Once you have placed your order you will receive an email containing the details of it. We offer customers three ways to place an order:

  • On our website www.tacticsport.com (24h/day, 365 days a year)
  • By email at tactic@tacticsport.es, indicating the item and the form of payment.
  • By phone on 972237411 (MondayFriday 10:00-13:00 and afternoons from 16:00-18:30).


These orders, as custom, are put into production once you have confirmed both the design and the order. For this reason you will receive it no later than six weeks after the confirmation.

Under no circumstance will TEIMA 1992 SPORT, SL. be responsible for possible delays in delivery on the part of the transport agency. We will attempt within our power to resolve such incidents but we cannot be held responsible.



In the case of collection products, availability will be outlined on the website, we try to have the optimum stock and aim to fulfil deliveries in less than 5 working days (excluding weekends). There are times when, due to failures in the supply chain (manufacturers, distributors, logistics operators), this will not be possible.


In the details of each product, you will find the approximate delivery time (depending on the country). For shipments to Spain, the Balearic Islands and Portugal, you must add 2 working days to the indicated period. In the case of shipments to the Canary Islands, shipment could be delayed by up to 15 days.


Should you purchase a product that is not in stock, we promise to inform you immediately, by email or phone call, of the time-frame in which we can send your product or to offer an alternative to the product purchased. In the case that we cannot honour the new time-frame and / or the alternative product, we will cancel the order and if payment has been made, we will refund it.


Under no circumstance will TEIMA 1992 SPORT, SL. be responsible for possible delays in delivery on the part of the transport agency. We will attempt within our power to resolve such incidents but we cannot be held responsible.



Pay Pal or card. Once the transfer has been accredited in our account, your order will be reserved for 30 days. Once this period has passed, the order will be returned to our warehouse.



In the case of custom items, the customer must pay a deposit of 50% of the total upon confirmation of the order and another payment of the remaining 50% before the order leaves the factory.

  1. Shipping methods

TEIMA 1992 SPORT, S.L. reserves the right to vary the mode of delivery and the company through which it is made, regardless of what is stated in these pages and provided that it does not cause a manifest damage to the customer.

We work with the main transport agencies.

Once the shipment is made, we will provide you with the tracking number so that you can directly contact the transportation agency and arrange delivery.

In the case of an attempt at delivery of your order by the transport agency while you are not at home, the delivery driver will call you by phone or leave a notice, so you can arrange an alternative delivery time with them. In most cases, if the product is heavy, the driver will call you before trying to make the delivery, to meet them. The delivery will always be made to your doorway, at the street level of your home or company. The delivery personnel are not required to carry the product to your home if it is not at street level, although in most cases they will help you as much as possible and do what is necessary to deliver the product to you.

All our shipments are insured at ALL RISK, so if there is any type of incident (loss, breakage, etc.), we will be responsible for refunding the purchase price to the buyer or we will send you a new product. Upon receiving your delivery it is your responsibility to check that everything is in accordance with your order and in the correct condition. If your order does not correspond with the products delivered, sign and indicate in writing on the delivery note the anomalies you found upon receipt (packaging in poor condition, the packages delivered without the delivery note, do not match, etc.) In case of any such incidence, we only have 24 hours from the date of receipt of the product, to claim the cost from the transport company. Once this period has passed, the buyer will be responsible for the expenses incurred.



Specific conditions for “buy before 16h and receive it tomorrow”

  1. Except orders places on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and the evening before a bank holiday.
  2. Only with payments made through Pay Pal or with credit or debit card.
  3. Except orders outside the Peninsula.
  4. If there are items in the shopping cart with longer delivery periods, in which case the delivery period will be that of the longest.

Conditions for the Peninsular and Balearic Islands:

The following conditions apply:

  1. Shipping costs are calculated depending on the volume / weight of the products of the order and the volume / weight of the shipment. You will be duly informed of these expenses before making your purchase.

We use express transport companies for our delivery service which deliver within 24-48h in the case of shipments to the Peninsula, and 72h in the case of shipments to the Balearic Islands. This is timed from the date on which the order is collected from our warehouse.

General conditions for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla:

The shipping costs will be calculated based on the weight and size of the shipment and the country to which the product is shipped.

VAT will not be applied (on most products) to sales to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, however the local customs system will apply the corresponding tax charges that will be paid by the customer. In no case can we determine the amount of taxes payable by the customer upon receiving your order as, in the case of the Canary Islands for example, this depends on the "I.G.C." and "Aduanas de Canarias”. As a guideline and NOT definitively, charges are usually between 15 and 30 EUROS for “Derechos de Importación y Papeles Administrativos” (Import Duties and Customs Administrative Papers), in addition to the percentage corresponding to the I.G.I.C. Canario. (We are not responsible for the possible variations from customs without prior notice).

General conditions for the rest of the world:

The shipping costs will be calculated based on the weight and size of the shipment and the country to which the product is shipped.

VAT will not be applied (on most products) to sales outside of Spain, however the local customs system will apply the corresponding tax charges that will be paid by the customer.

The shipping term for orders placed outside of the Spanish Peninsula may exceed the period stated on the product.


  1. Shipping Costs



Shipping will be free for orders over the following amounts:

Spanish Peninsula/ Balearic Island /Portugal

      +100 euros

Canary Islands

    +125 euros


    +125 euros

European Union

    +125 euros

Other countries

    +180 euros




The point of delivery for joint shipments will always be the responsibility of the customer.


European Destination


Estimated Delivery Period


UPS standard

1-2 days

Portugal,  France, Andorra, Nothern Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovenia

UPS standard

2-3 days

Great Britain, Southern Italy, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Hungary, Croatia

UPS standard

3-4 days

Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania

UPS standard

5-6 days

Bulgaria, Latvia, Greece , Norway

UPS standard

+6 days



UPS express

+ 6 days






Unlike the collection products, returns are not accepted on custom orders.



Returns will be considered if you are not satisfied with the item and want to be reimbursed for the price of the item, you will have 30 days from the date of delivery, to return any items (according to Art.71 del Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007 de 16 de noviembre which outlines the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users). The expenses generated by the return of the product will be borne by the customer (Art. 101.1 RDLg 1/2007). Products must be returned in their original conditions and in their original packaging, including warranties, labels and instructions for use, it is vital that there are no signs of use as this will invalidate the return. In the instance that we receive the product in a non-optimal condition we will re-return it and the shipping cost will be charged to the customer.

It is very important that returns are in original packaging and unused. In case the products are damaged due to improper packaging, we will not accept the return. The return of DVDs or books, if they lack the original seal, and of clothing if it has been used, will not be allowed either. Once we receive the goods in our warehouse and verify that all the above conditions are met, TEIMA 1992 SPORT, SL. will manage the refund of the amount of the purchase, with the exception of the postage generated by the original shipment.

In no case will returns be accepted of second hand products.

In the case of a return of an incorrect shipment by us, all shipping costs will be borne by TEIMA 1992 SPORT, SL. within one month of sale. See the Guarantees section for further details.


In the case of defective products, all shipping costs will be borne by TEIMA 1992 SPORT, SL. within one month of making the sale, Guarantees (Ley, 23/2003, de 10 de Julio, de Garantías en la Venta de Bienes de Consumo y Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios).

The guarantee will only be valid for the indicated duration. To benefit from this guarantee, you must contact our Customer Service Department. It is essential to keep the original purchase invoice.

Attention: The guarantee does not cover the repair of damages caused by external factors (for example, accident, shock ...), from an incorrect use (not in accordance with the instructions for use), from a use that will affect the best conservation of the article, of a commercial or collective use and / or of the use of non-compatible accessories or components.

In case of disagreement with the management of a claim during the warranty period or in order to detail any factors for consideration with regards to the product, you can contact a customer service representative during business hours by phone. (see schedule) 972 237 411 Cancellation of Purchases, so you can solve the problem in-situ, without having to send the product.

If the product does not have technical support, you will need to send the product to us with postage paid to our after sales service, to solve any issues. Under no circumstances will TEIMA 1992 SPORT, S.L. accept any responsibility if the points mentioned above are not met.


Should you wish to make a cancellation you must send an email at the earliest instance to tactic@tactic-sport.com citing the order number and indicating that you want to cancel the order.



In the case of collection products, cancellation is considered when the client wishes to cancel an order that has not yet been paid, or that even if paid, has not yet been processed by our stores, and therefore has not been sent.



In the case of custom products, cancellation is considered when the client wishes to cancel an order for which the payment has been made and the order has been confirmed.

If the item has already been paid for but not yet made, the same cost will be returned. Bank charges generated by the return of the amount will be borne by the customer.

The user can cancel the purchase process as long as the payment and reservation has not been made and the order has not been made. In order to ensure the cancellation on behalf of the client, it is advisable to contact our customer service by telephone (972 237 411).

In case the order has been made or sent before your call and / or mail, it will be considered as a return.


Exchanges can only be made on collection products, in no case will changes be made for personalised products.

Exchanges will be considered wherein the customer wishes to exchange the item received for one which we have in our catalogue and in which is in stock, either due to size error, or for other reasons, that have nothing to do with its defect, in the case that the item for exchange is not in stock, the possibility of a return will be offered.

To make a change, the customer must contact our customer service, either by phone (972 237 411), or by email (tactic@tactic-sport.com), indicating that you want to make an exchange and indicating the article for which you would like to exchange it. We will inform you of the options available for exchange. The exchange must be made within 7 days of receiving the product.


In this case the shipping costs will be borne by the customer, both shipment from our warehouses, and to the customer's home.



Unlike collection products, we cannot accept exchanges on custom products.


TEIMA 1992 Sport, S.L. states its policy regarding the treatment and protection of personal data of users and customers that may be captured by browsing or contracting the services of its website.

In this instance, TEIMA 1992 Sport, S.L., guarantees compliance with current regulations on the protection of personal data, reflected in the Ley orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, sobre protección de carácter personal y en el reial decreto 1720/2007, de 21 de diciembre, por la cual se aprueba el reglamiento de desarrollo de la ley orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, sobre protección de datos de carácter personal (L.O.P.D).


The use of this website implies acceptance of this privacy policy. In accordance with that which is set forth in ‘ley orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, sobre protección de datos de carácter personal (LO.P.D), TEIMA 1992 Sport, SL, states that the personal data of users of our page web through the use of forms and contents of the website, will be processed by the company and will be included in the automated personal files declared and registered before the Spanish agency of data protection by the company TEIMA 1992 Sport, SL, as holder and responsible party, in order to meet the requests made by users, such as requests for information and budget preparation.


All personal data collected through the website of TEIMA 1992 Sport, S.L., therefore, is regarded as the processing of personal data.


All personal data, which is collected through the website of TEIMA 1992 Sport, SL, and therefore, have the consideration of personal data treatment, will be incorporated into the files declared before the l'Agència Espanyola de Protecció de Dades for the company TEIMA 1992 Sport, SL, always respecting the confidentiality of your personal data that will only be used for the purpose of managing the services offered as already indicated above.


The company TEIMA 1992 Sport, SL states that all the personal data collected through the web page will not be transferred to third parties, unless this transfer is under legal obligation or when the provision of a service necessarily implies in a contractual relationship the assignment with a processor and provided that said third party has the express consent of the user to carry out the cession of data.



La Llei Orgànica 15/1999, de 13 de desembre, de Protecció de Dades de Caràcter Personal’, considers the possibility for interested parties to exercise a series of rights related to the processing of personal data, which are the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition recognised in the aforementioned Law, which must be formalised by means of a written communication addressed to TEIMA 1992 Sport, SL, at the address Carrer Isaac Rabin, no. 5, of the municipality of Bescanó (17162- Girona), also providing as an accompanying document, the documentation necessary to prove your identity (DNI or passport).



Furthermore, TEIMA 1992 Sport, SL, informs that in compliance with ‘Llei 34/2002, d'11 de juliol, de Serveis de la Societat de la Informació i el Comerç Electrònic,’ requesting consent from the user, the email addresses provided through the forms contained on the website, can be used to send information about the products, services, notices and information for commercial purposes, and at any moment the user may withdraw from this service through of the previously mentioned routes.


TEIMA 1992 Sport, SL states that is has implemented the technical and organizational security measures necessary to guarantee the security of your personal data and to avoid alteration, loss, treatment and / or unauthorized access, in accordance with the provisions of ‘Llei Orgànica 15/1999, de 13 de desembre, de Protecció de Dades de Caràcter Personal.



In accordance with Art. 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013, the European Commission provides a free access platform for the resolution of online conflicts between the USER and the PROVIDER, without the need to resort to the courts of justice, through the intervention of a third party, called an intermediary between both. This body is neutral and will interact with both parties to achieve a solution/ suggest and / or enforce a solution to the conflict.

Link to the ODR platform: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/


Commercial transactions made with www.tactic-sport.com are subject to Spanish legislation.

Applicable laws:

 Ley 34/2002, de 11 de Julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico.

• Ley 7/96, de 15 de enero, de Ordenación del Comercio minorista.

En caso de conflicto o desacuerdo en la interpretación o aplicación de estas Condiciones Generales de Contratación, los Juzgados o Tribunales que conozcan del asunto serán los que disponga la normativa aplicable en materia de jurisdicción.


In the event that the customer is from outside of Spain, both parties will report to the Courts and Tribunals of Tortosa (Spain).