Welcome to Tactic family, Imparables.


Who are Imparables?

Imparables are a motley crue of online and TV personalities who take part in an expansive, global cycling calendar documenting them all for their 67k Youtube subscribers as well as for the Spanish sports TV channel, RTVE.

They provide an insight into what it’s like to compete, relatively unprepared, in some of the world’s toughest cycling events such as the Cape Epic, Baja Epic, Swiss Epic, and more or less any event ‘Epic’ in name and in nature.

When they approached us to produce their custom kits, the decision to work with Imparables was a no-brainer, the opportunity to see Tactic kits all over the world in some of the most high-profile races and featuring in the original Imparables content was too good to miss.


Imparables 2020

Alongside the main Imparables team, taking part in events this year will be: RAQUEL LISBONA @raquel.lisbona CARLOS ORTET @carlosortet GERSON GARROSA @gerson_garrosa DANI RACE @danielrace_ Youtuber ARNAU JULIÀ @arnaujbon DANI ILLESCAS @danielillescas Expect to see some familiar faces from social media in unfamiliar situations for them!



Discovering the Tactic Factory

Imparables are part of the Tactic family now, so like any family, we invited them to our home - our factory in Girona. Last Monday we showed them how we work to produce our clothing and introduced them to the people behind the scenes. Cameras rolling like we were on a TV production set, we walked them through the process of how their new custom kits will be made right here in Girona.
Like most people who pass through our doors and witness our factory process, the Imparables team were amazed to learn how much work goes into creating a cycling jersey, from initial design, to printing, cutting, sewing and on to the finished product. They were fascinated to have an insight into the way we work here and impressed by the fact that everything is in-house.



More Jerseys Than Ever

The effect of the Tactic factory tour on the Imparables crew was instant. Inspired by what they had seen, they immediately went to speak to our designer to get to work on their new custom kits. In case you missed it, that’s custom kits, plural, as Tactic will be producing not only the new Imparables Club kit, but also three additional limited release Imparables jersey designs in 2020.
For each event the Imparables team participates in, there will be an accompanying jersey design distinguished from the last, and each of these designs will be available to buy. The first jersey will be released in a month’s time, but the only way to find out about them will be by following Imparables and Tactic closely!


New Videos on the ImparablesTV Youtube Channel

We saw it first hand, it takes 3 cameras and 6 people to create videos of the quality that Imparables produce. The crew filmed their entire visit to the Tactic factory, documenting their tour, the design process, and everything in between. Do you want to see for yourself what the Imparables got up to at Tactic? Stay tuned to the Imparables Youtube channel to see the finished product!


The Imparables Club - What is it?

Imparables have opened their club up this year, meaning anyone can now become an imparable! Anyone can now register as a member of the Imparables Club team, members can enjoy discounts, federation, giveaways and lots of other benefits throughout the season. To find out more, visit the Imparables website.


How many races will they compete in this year?

In 2020, Imparables will compete in 15 races throughout the world.

Will I be able to buy the different jersey designs?

You won’t want to miss out on these new Imparables designs. Stay up to date with both Tactic and Imparables online and via newsletter to be the first to know when a new jersey design is released and how to buy it.

Where Can I Find Imparables’ Content?

You can follow Imparables on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @imparablestv. Plus, stay up to date with Tactic newsletters and socials to be the first to find out when a new Imparables design is released, @tacticsport.