Ashleigh Moolman Pasio primera campeona de eSports World Champion

Last week, Ashleigh Moolman Pasio took the first ever eSports world championships title on the virtual platform, Zwift, wearing her Tactic South African national team kit.

Ashleigh beat some of the best riders in the world to make history, winning on the final climb by 0.06 seconds to her next rival.

We first met Ashleigh in 2018 when she and her husband and business partner approached us about making custom kit for their cycling tourism business based 20km from Girona: Rocacorba Cycling.

The business, which was founded in 2017, is based out of a beautiful Masía just outside of the lakeside town of Banyoles. We couldn’t wait to get out there and see it, and when we eventually did we knew it was something we wanted to be involved with.




Since then we have been working alongside Ashleigh, who has been a professional cyclist for ten years, and the Rocacorba Cycling team not only making their custom kit but getting involved with events and partnering to bring their guests to see our factory.

So naturally, when Ashleigh approached us earlier this year to design a custom South African kit for the Olympic Games, we jumped at the chance.

Custom is our bread and butter, we’ve been doing it for twenty years. Our product development team is relentlessly committed to making the best product and couldn’t wait for a chance to test the limits of our performance wear.

“In the case of Ash, we could not take just any of our products to satisfy her needs and level of demand, so we started from the base of the PROF line to develop a RACE SUIT focused on performance and the world of competition.” Said Marc Ballarin, head of R&D at Tactic.



“For this, the first thing was to meet with her to find out exactly what her needs were and what adaptations we had to do to get the best performance. Then we developed the prototypes for Ash to test them and give us his feedback.”

The level of detail that went into the custom Race Suit left no stone unturned: “Number of pockets, positioning, seams, compression of the different parts, performance of the fabrics, breathability ... Nothing was missed to get the best RACE SUIT.”

After she gave her final approval to the design and specs the team set to work using their knowledge and love of cycling to make the final product which Ashleigh has since been testing in training.

“We know that a race suit alone does not make anyone win, but with her talent, effort and our clothes, she may be closer than ever to achieving it.”


Of course, aerodynamics in real life don’t provide an advantage in the virtual world, but this was a great opportunity for Ashleigh to try out her suit in a race environment and we were honoured to be able to support her as she made history.

We are looking forward to working with Ashleigh in the future to create the best Olympic kit for Tokyo 2021